Day 2: My first Mind Meister

Project requirements (copied from course webpage):

You already have a personal learning network in existence. Even if you’re new to Twitter or educational social networking, we all have people we email or call to ask for help (and vice versa).

For this activity, you are going to visualize your PLN.  Your challenge is to:

  • Who do you connect with?
  • Where (when) do (did) the connections take place?
  • What types of things do you learn from these people?

This is an in-class assignment, and we will not spend more than 30 minutes on it. Once the timer is set you will have 30 minutes to come up with your creation! This is (intentionally) a very open-ended task  – you can use ANY mind-mapping tool to visualize your PLN…be creative!


A screen shot of my Mind Meister – click the link below to interact with the full version.


This tool was really simple and easy to use!  Once you place the first bubble where it you want it on the map (I always choose center), you just have to click the plus sign in the top toolbar to start adding bubbles!
I did not spend a lot of time with this particular tool, but it does not appear that you can change the direction of your lines – you cannot make them longer or shorter, they are just displayed as the program would like them to be.  I also have not found a way to adjust the order of the content once it has been displayed, I had to delete comments to reorder them.
To be fair, I only spent about 20 minutes with this program so many of these issues may have a solution yet to be discovered. For a simple mapping tool this resource is great and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quick and easy way to organize their ideas!  This program is easy enough that beginners can create a simple map, while novices may be able to manipulate their product to their personal specifications.

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