Day 3: My first Tagul

Today we played the game “Taboo” with a little bit of an MAET twist.

We were given a word – and the list of taboo words – and were charged with creating a word cloud.  This word could would serve as our clues to help our classmates guess what word we were given.  My word cloud (created using Tagul) is below – can you guess what my word was?



Tagul was the 3rd word cloud site I tried using and was by far the best one.  I tried Wordle and WordCloud first, but these sites were too complicated for a quicker challenge.  Tagul was really easy to use and produced a high quality – original – product in no time.  I also liked that Tagul lets you visualize your product before you save it, so you can refresh as many times as you like to get your image perfect.  Though you can’t decide where specific words go, hitting the visualize button will rearrange your product until you are satisfied.  You may also form your image into a prescribed shape, or upload a shape of your own.


The most difficult aspect of using this program, was figuring out how to save my Tagul image.  I ultimately had to screenshot the image and save it that way, as Tagul gives you plenty of sharing capabilities, but no saving capabilities.

Overall, Tagul was a great tool to use and was very user friendly.  Tagul allows for a lot of personal manipulation of your product and can be done very quickly.  I would recommend Tagul for students or staff in generating word clouds, mission statements, vocabulary and learning concepts.


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