The Cliffs of Moher

If you were ever in doubt about the beauty the Irish landscape has to offer, the Cliffs of Moher will change that!

This weekend, I hadn’t planned anything, but ended up being busier than ever! Last week when we were working with Robots, our Maker Master, Sean, mentioned that he plays rugby and had a game in town that Saturday that we should check out if around. Well, we did just that! I didn’t capture any quality photos of the match because we were on the sidelines (literally feet away from the players – almost got run over once) so I didn’t want to be that weird girl taking pictures where they could see me.


After the game, Maker Master, Sean, invited us to a pub to have some refreshments with the rugby team and to “banter” as he put it. It was a blast! Aside from meeting Irishmen, there were a few Australians and even an American from Boston! I had a blast learning about the game of Rugby and Irish culture. All of the players were very friendly and inclusive to all of us and seemed to enjoy sharing their sport and culture (they also mentioned that it never hurts to have more cheerleaders on the sidelines during games). As it always happens, time flies when you have fun.

On Sunday, a group of us set up our own tour to the Cliffs of Moher. We left Galway city early that morning and made a few stops before reaching the cliffs. Unfortunately, someone ordered Irish weather for that day and we had rain – the entire time. That, however, didn’t slow us down. We reached the Cliffs of Moher and were awestruck at the beauty of this landscape. Words cannot do it justice, so feel free to browse the photos below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What a wonderful weekend immersed in Irish culture! Every time I learn something new about Ireland, I love this country even more.


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