My Passion and Curiosity Quotient

Life is too short to hate your job. Luckily, I’m not one of those people that do.

I have the most fantastic job in the entire world – I am a teacher. Now you may be wondering why that is the most fantastic job in the entire world, after all we are under appreciated,  underpaid, and constantly blasted in the media.

I recently had a complete stranger tell me it is a waste of time and money for a teacher to aspire to earn a PhD. They also told me the 5 years of college education it took to become a teacher was a waste of my time and money.

Well I have news for you.

This job is the greatest thing in the entire world because of what I make. I don’t make a ton of money, but what I do make is a difference – that’s what keeps me getting up each morning.

I have the opportunity and the ability to make a difference in lives of hundreds of children every year. I have the opportunity to change futures, inspire passion and develop insight. I have the power to change the world one student at a time.

As part of my masters program, we were asked to create something that would display how we bring passion to our work as an educator; how we use technologies to instill passion and curiosity in our students; and a reflection on our time in the first year of the MAET program.

For my PQCQ project (passion and curiosity quotient), I wanted to harness this feeling I have for what I do to show the world why we teachers are still here.

In my product, you’ll see a video my students made in their 30 mins of downtime. You’ll see products and creations my students have made. You’ll see the constraints of my learning space. You’ll see the joy my students have in my class. You’ll see students outside of the classroom as my job is not contained to four walls.

I don’t just teach English – I coach, I spectate, I help students develop their own passions in their own environment.

You’ll also see some photos of me as a student myself. If I want to continue making a difference, I have to continue getting better as a learner and an educator. Yes, I educate myself to be selfish and earn advanced degrees, but I also educate myself for my students – they are depending on me and I can’t let them down.

I have the greatest job in the entire world and the next time you question it think about yourself – you never would’ve gotten to where you were without a teacher.


Amabile, V. (2012, August 06). I Make a Difference- Brad Wolf (Lyrics). Retrieved July 19, 2016, from


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