Summer Reflections

Well I’ve been back home in the States for almost a week now (just shy about 12 hours) and a lot has since happened.

I spent a week working through some professional development for my own school district – everything from success for African American Students, to writing across the curriculum, to merging our district’s curriculum expectation with those of the International Baccalaureate program. It has been a busy week, but I am excited to merge my masters learning experience with my everyday teaching.

Before I left Ireland, I made a note about what I was afraid of in making this transition (from student back to teacher). This is what I wrote:

I am excited to bring what I have learned back to my students and staff, but am afraid of being rejected. I am afraid that my colleagues will not be receptive to my ideas and I will be met with resistance. I am afraid that integrating my learning will become too difficult in stressful times and I will abandon it and revert back to my old ways. I am afraid of doing a disservice to my students. My goal is to integrate as much of what I have learned as possible into my teaching.  My goal is to share my learning with my colleagues and create a forum for discussion around educational technology. My goal is to share what my students are doing by posting to my PLN (professional learning network) on a weekly basis.

As I have met with my colleagues and other district personnel this week, I have kept these statements in the back of my mind. Yes they were written in the idealism of Ireland, but I think each of these things has real value.

I feel a passion and a power to do the best that I can for my campus and my students. I know it won’t be easy, I know it will be frustrating at times, and I know that I will fail, but if I ask my students to persevere in their learning then I must be willing to do the same.

As I mentioned in my goal statement, I would like to keep up with my posts throughout the school year, so please check back for more! It does the world no good to keep my learning to myself, our learning must be shared so it can be valued, built upon and made better.

Thanks for sticking with me throughout my time abroad – I hope you enjoyed the ride!


3 thoughts on “Summer Reflections

  1. First, change your default time in the program to US Central time. Unless your future self actually wrote this!
    Second, failure is temporary and a part of the learning process. Keep the goal in mind and continue to work towards it. Share wroth your Share all you think and feel. Do it with your enthusiasm! They will feel connected and inspired!


    • I didn’t realize the blog didn’t change time zones automatically, thanks for the heads up! Thanks for the encouragement as I continue navigating my own learning process.


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