Virtual Reality

What if I told you I could go to Paris, Rome, Monte Carlo, Jerusalem, The Great Barrier Reef, the Arctic, Venice and Mars all within 45 minutes? You would think I was either crazy, or lying - I am neither. Rather, I am a believer in virtual reality. To begin week #3 of the MAET … Continue reading Virtual Reality


QR Codes – Two Truths and a Lie

QR codes are becoming an increasingly popular tool for technology users and anyone wishing to advertise a lot of information in a small space. A QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) is a two dimensional, square, scannable barcode that is attached to an item or resource housed in another location. In more simple terms … Continue reading QR Codes – Two Truths and a Lie

Day 1: My first Haiku Deck

Project requirements (copied from course webpage): Using Haiku Deck, create a 5 slide presentation to introduce yourself to others in the class.  What should you include in your introduction? This is your opportunity to share who you are, and what you believe, with this class (and beyond).  Consider the following questions: What are your interests and/or hobbies? What do … Continue reading Day 1: My first Haiku Deck