Educational Tech Tools

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quiver-fb-200x200 Quiver Vision is an augmented reality program that can bring student’s creations to life. To use Quiver, students and teachers print off designated coloring pages, color them in, scan them with any device and watch their creations come to life. 4edThis allows students to utilize their own creativity in the way they color and design their pages.


Tackk is similar to an infographic or a Smore, but with greater functionality. Tackk allows users to create pages of information that can incorporate multimedia and be shared with others. I use Tackk to send home a weekly newsletter to parents detailing what we did in class each day as well as provide other notes and announcements. Tack is very simple and easy to use, though I have not spent much time exploring its full potential.

image-1Though Bitmoji was originally designed for use with social media, these avatars can be adapted for educational settings. Bitmoji is an app (also a website) where students can design unique avatars or characters. I have had younger students use this tool to build characters for short stories they are writing, while my older students use Bitmoji to illustrate personal expressions. Teachers can use Bitmoji’s in Google apps to provide feedback to students in a more interesting and engaging way.


Magisto is a videoediting tool that will allow users to upload content and create an original movie. Magisto allows the user to upload photos or videos, choose a creative theme, add music and the app does all the editing itself. Magisto is a great tool for beginning video makers and creates very engaging short films. I have used Magisto with my high school students many times and they find this tool very user friendly!

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 2.20.22 AMThinglink is an interactive media platform that allows users to create more engaging content by adding links, photos and videos to a base image. Thing link will take any infographic or image you upload and turn it into an interactive visual presentation. Thinglink is an easy tool to use and would be a great presentation tool for older students. Click here to see a Thinglink we created as part of our proposal in solving our Wicked Problem.

0236e8d72de0b3ebb73ede360491ae484e88b061_originalPicktochart is an online webpage that allows users to create professional looking infographics charts and reports. Picktochart offers several free (and paid) templates, or you can make your own. This tool is very user friendly and creates a very professional looking product. Picktochart’s may also be presented as a slideshow (showing only one section at a time) for meetings or presentations. I would recommend Piktochart as a replacement for Powerpoint presentations and paper posters with students of all ages and abilities. Click here to see a sample Picktochart I made on behavior modification as part of a quickfire challenge, or click here to see a Picktochart I made at the “Student Generated Content” session from the GREAT16 Conference about Ireland’s Weather patterns!

pencil-logoMy Story Book is an online webpage that brings a student’s writing to life. My Story Book allows students to craft their writing, add images and publish or print their story in a professional looking book! My Story Book is very easy to use and would be a great resource for publishing student writing. My Story Book offers many preset backgrounds and images, but the styles available can be a bit limiting (good for younger students, could be frustrating for older students). To see a My Story Book I created for my MAET Maker Project, click here, or visit my blog page!

Glisser_Portfolio-logo_0Glisser is an interactive presentation tool that will help engage your audience and enhance any presentation! Glisser does not generate slides or content, rather you import a presentation and overlay the Glisser tools over your creation to make it interactive. Glisser allows the audience to ask questions throughout the presentation, like slides, and answer poll questions. Upon conclusion of your presentation, Glisser will send you an email with all of your analytics including specific responses or questions audience members had. To see how I used Glisser, please click here or visit my blog page!

TodaysMeet-largeToday’s Meet
is an online discussion board that allows respondents to post ‘chat room style’ throughout meetings and presentations. Today’s Meet requires no special accounts or log in access – you just need to have the name of the chat room you want to be part of. Today’s Meet works on any device with internet access. One major downside to this tool is that chats cannot be moderated in real time – once a message is posted, it cannot be taken down until the chat room is closed. Chats may stay live between one day and one month – you chose the duration. Creating a chat room is just as easy – visit today’s meet and type in what you’d like the chat room to be called and you are ready to communicate! To see how I have used Today’s meet, click here or visit my blog page!


Thimble is a webpage that functions as an online code editor.  Users can choose from a popular template and manipulate their product using HTML, CSS & Javascript coding. This site is user friendly and is aimed at both beginner and advanced coders. With no coding experience, I was able to successfully manipulate two different templates in a very short time. Here is my own example of a Thimble Remix and my review of the tool, including affordances and constraints, from my blog page!



Lino is a free sticky note (and canvas) surface that requires nothing more than the web to access.  Lino’s sticky notes can be used to set reminders for yourself, share ideas with group members, or even share files with colleagues or friends.  Lino is a very simple and easy tool to use and would be great for class discussions, warm ups or exit tickets.  Students can see what their classmates are posting quickly and easy using Lino.



Tagul is a way to create word cloud generator.  Tagul is easy to use and comes with many unique options to turn a list of ordinary words into word cloud art.  Tagul allows you to type (or copy & paste) a list of words into the form and then transform those words into a word cloud – with some pizzaz! Tagul allows you to craft your word cloud into various shapes, integrate various colors, and change the size and style of the words represented. Here is my own example of a Tagul and my review of the tool, including affordances and constraints, from my blog page! is a way to digitally annotate what you are reading. works with any digital text to create an overlay that lets you highlight, annotate and discuss what you are reading, all on the web. works with books, articles and even news sites/sources like would be a great tool for teachers to use with students as they may annotate, collaborate and share all on the same document at the same time.

mindmeister-logoMind Meister is an online mind mapping tool that is completely web based and requires no downloading.  Mind Meister can be used on Mac, PC or any device with a web browser.  Mind Meister helps users group and develop their ideas into a neat and orderly visual map. Here is my own example of a Mind Meister and my review of the tool, including affordances and constraints, from my blog page!



Haiku Deck is an easy way to create presentations. With both paid and free versions, users select layouts, themes and add media or content to their slides to create a unique experience. Here is my own example of a Haiku Deck and my review of the tool, including affordances and constraints, from my blog page!